Balloon releases are becoming more popular at funerals as a tribute to the one who has passed.  It is a tangible way to say good-bye and let the grieving process begin.  People respond differently to the way the balloons float into the air, but the visual impact of the release will create a memory that will last a lifetime.


There are several options available for you to choose from:


Option 1:  Balloon with ribbon–$2.00 each (untreated)


Option 2:  Balloon with ribbon–$2.50 each (treated to last longer)


Option 3:  Balloon, ribbon and a personal message card of your choice attached to ribbon–$2.75 (untreated)


Option 4:  Balloon and ribbon with flower seeds*–$3.00 (untreated)


Option 5:  Balloon, ribbon, card, and flower seeds*–$3.75 (untreated)


* Seeds symbolize the beginning of new life and the flowers that are to grow serve as a lasting legacy to the person being remembered.  This beauty will be created wherever the balloon eventually lands.


Several options for the message on the card are available:


Option A:  A celebration of John Smith’s life



Option B:  This balloon was released in celebration of the life of John Smith on May 9, 2010.  If you find this

balloon, kindly email us @ to let us know how far our love for him has traveled.


Option C:  Celebrating God’s little miracle Brittany!  Before releasing this balloon, give it a kiss, say a prayer,

or write a personal message on the other side of this card.


Option D:  Create your own personal message.


You can have someone hand out the balloons to the attendees, or we can pass them out for an additional $30 fee.


Balloon Decor - funeral release of helium balloons
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