We now offer memorial balloon releases

Balloon releases are becoming more popular at funerals as a tribute to the one who has passed.  It is a tangible way to say good-bye and let the grieving process begin.  People respond differently to the way the balloons float away into the air, but the visual impact of the release will create a memory that will last a lifetime.


We understand that not every memorial service will benefit from this service.  However, if you are trying to create a celebration of the departed’s life and accomplishments, a memorial balloon release may help you create that mood.


Our balloon release packages start with Helium-filled 11″ round balloons (latex), and we have a variety of options for colors, cards, ribbons and we can even include flower seeds that the balloons will deposit wherever they land. Please visit our webpage for more information, or call us at (210) 734-9860 to discuss your requirements.

Balloon Decor - funeral release of helium balloons
Memorial Balloon Release