We have a new name — All Things Balloon, Inc.!

As of 1 April 2013, Balloon Decor-SA has become a subsidiary of All Things Balloon, Inc. Not much will change from your perspective – we will still deliver some of the most fantastic balloon decorations to events all over the San Antonio, area.


This brings up a point – the examples we show on this website are not etched in stone. We can change a lot of the elements of any of the balloon decor you find here. Based upon availability, you can select different colors, add or subtract balloons — if it looks good to you, we will try to make it happen. Some changes will result in a price increase, others may actually reduce the price of a bouquet. The point is, we can do a lot of personal customization to make sure your balloon decor is PERFECT for the recipient!


We are honored that you have chosen All Things Balloon, Inc. to spread latex love throughout the San Antonio area!