Temporary Base plates for decor

Sometimes we use temporary baseplates for decor jobs. We do this for several reasons:

  • The decor job is too far away to make a second trip for picking up regular baseplates
  • Our schedule will not allow us to return to the job site
  • Sometimes the Client wants to keep and/or reuse the columns

We usually only use temporary baseplates for light weight, indoor decor jobs — usually no more than 5′ tall (before adding some type of topper). Sand bags can add additional stability, but these stands can NOT take much wind  – so indoors only!


Balloon Column - Halloween Ghosts
Balloon Columns – Halloween Ghosts

This is one of the many types of columns that can be used indoors with temporary baseplates. If you find yourself needing to construct one of more of these baseplates, check out Eddie Heyland’s excellent slideshow on “How to Build a Temporary Baseplate”  We learned this technique from Eddie at FLOAT 2013 – thanks again, Eddie!!