For all balloon decorating jobs, the following policies apply:


  • Helium Balloons outdoors — NO!! Helium clusters, Helium arches, Helium centerpieces are for INDOOR USE ONLY!!! You will be wasting our time, and your money, if you insist on putting our beautiful Helium-filled creations outdoors!!!

  • Outdoor Decor – since we have no control over wind, rain, sun, temperature, or any other facet of weather, WE WILL NOT GUARANTEE ANY OUTDOOR DECOR! We will take steps to minimize the effects of the elements on your decor,  but despite our best efforts, most outdoor decor is still subject to popping, “frosting” or fogging of the colors, and/or movement from the wind.

  • Centerpiece Prototypes – we charge a fee for building you an example of a possible centerpiece for your event. We do this for several reasons – we often have to purchase supplies; we spend time building the prototype; we then photograph and email digital photos for your approval.
      • minimum fee for this services is $50.00


  • Payment Policy – All decor jobs must be paid 100% WITH A VALID CREDIT CARD at time of order approval. Just like other custom tailored services (florists, seamstresses, tailors, custom-baked cakes, etc.), each of our decor creations is custom built specifically for your event.


  • Corporate Clients who wish to write checks—We still need a credit card to use as a backup.  If we do not receive the check within 30 days of services being rendered, we will run the credit card on file. We will NOT book your event without a valid credit card on file!


  • Cancellation policy – we charge this fee because we have purchased supplies to build your decor, we have started working on your decor, and we have turned down other work so we could decorate your event.
    • if you cancel your order more than 7 days in advance of your delivery date,  we charge a 25% Cancellation Fee
    • If you cancel 7 days or less from your delivery date, we charge a 75% cancellation fee.


  • WE CANNOT GUARANTEE INDOOR DECOR that is within 40 feet of an outside door. The door opening and closing exposes the balloons to the outside elements, causing them to fog and sometimes deflate. This problem is impossible to eliminate.
  • Onsite Changes—Sometimes we are unable to complete the decor design as planned due to unforeseeable circumstances at the event venue, or due to Client preference.  The cost of any changes that must be made onsite will be billed to the credit card we have on file or invoiced to the accounting department, and Client agrees to pay the charges.
  • Decor Equipment – All re-usable equipment is the property of All Things Balloon, Inc. Client is responsible for all losses due to theft, vandalism, loss or damage. In the event that our equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen, Client gives permission to charge the credit card on file, or agrees to be billed for the repair or replacement cost of the item(s).
  • Sometimes, depending on the event, All Things Balloon, Inc. will build decor items onto temporary equipment that Client is entitled to keep. Client can tell us if they would like to keep the equipment, or that All Things Balloon, Inc. must return to site and collect it.


        Balloon Drops

  • Pricing – all quoted prices include a professional balloon drop bag filled with the client’s color choices.
    • The price also includes any STANDARD rigging.
      • Client is responsible for providing any power lifts, scissor lifts or exceptionally tall ladders to facilitate rigging.
    • Balloon release string pull – client is responsible for having a person available to pull the balloon release string at the appropriate time.
      • There will be an additional charge if All Things Balloon, Inc. is required to perform this service.

Please call us at (210) 734-9860 if you have any questions about our Balloon Decor Policy