Continuing Education – Float and Twist & Shout

Balloonamations…we’re never satisfied with how much we know about building incredible balloon decor and balloon art!


Ernie, Sheryl and a few more members of the Balloonamations team is heading to St Louis to participate in one of the biggest balloon decoration get-togethers in the US – “Float,” where we will learn some amazing designs and techniques that are sure to impress our clients. Not content to be merely “balloon stackers” — we are Balloon Artists who create dazzling balloon decorations for our client’s events! Float gives us the opportunity to learn from the biggest names in balloon decorating, and to get some fantastic new ideas for our future projects.


The second half of the convention is “Twist & Shout”, where the biggest names in the balloon world show up to teach us some of the most awesome balloon designs. We will also have the chance to enter a few contests … we’ll see if we are already award-worthy balloon artists.


You, our potential customers and clients, are the reason we go to great expense to learn exciting new balloon designs.  We use this knowledge to create the incredible balloon art that will dazzle, amaze, delight and amuse your guests.


We will post some photos of these events when we return. Until then, have a balloonyful day!