Balloon Drop info

It’s that time of year for BALLOON DROPS!

A balloon drop can top off or highlight just about any event. A few things to consider when planning a balloon drop:

  • Is the ceiling strong enough to hold a great big ole bunch of balloons?
    • Related – will anyone get really upset if you have to make holes in the ceiling?
  • Is the ceiling high enough? Higher is usually better (within limits!)
    • If your ceiling is really high, will you be providing hydraulic lifts?
    • Will the venue allow hydraulic lifts?
  • How early can we get into the venue for setup/rigging? (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!)
  • Do you have someone to pull the ripcord to release the balloons at the appropriate time?
    • We can provide this service, but it is very pricey 🙂
  • Lastly, are latex balloons allowed in your venue? Non-Latex balloon drops are WAY expensive, but if your budget allows for it….

So, if you are planning on having a balloon drop at your event, please get as much information about the venue as possible — what is the ceiling height? what is the ceiling composition? What are possible tie off points for the balloon drop net? Will they provide the rigging, or will we provide the rigging? Does the venue provide lifts/ladders/etc. for rigging the balloon net to the ceiling?

Anything else you think would affect the proposed balloon drop would also be most useful.


Please let us know as soon as possible if you will be needing this service. We may have to do a site survey, If so, we need to be able to access the venue